Privacy policy
1- Purpose of collecting information
    The term "Personal Information" in this policy means information that identifies or is able to identify the client's personal identity. The types of personal information we collect (which may vary by jurisdiction based on applicable law) include:
Name of shop, business, business unit;
Personal name, ID card number, contact address;
Tax code Email, mobile phone number, desk phone number ...
    We collect and use customer personal information for the proper purpose and fully comply with the content of this "Privacy Policy". All information used by the Company is voluntarily provided by customers.
We may use this information to contact customers directly in the form of: open letter, order, thank you letter, promotion information ...
2- Scope of using information
    Personal information collected will only be used internally. When necessary, personal information collected from customers may be provided to third parties such as our agents, other service providers to provide the best service to customers.
3- Time to store information
    Our company will store personal information provided by our customers on our internal systems in the course of providing services to customers or until the purpose of collecting or when the customer is completed. request to cancel the information provided.
4. Contact information
   We always welcome comments, contacts and feedback from you about this "Privacy Policy". If you have any questions please contact us at email address: